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What is star kitchens?

STAR KITCHENS is a network of kitchens customized for takeaways, pick ups and delivery. We help restaurant operators tap into the growing food delivery industry with low up-front costs, efficient operations, and state of the art technology.

Optimize with Star kitchens

Economic Advantages

Low Cost

We reduce up to 100% the initial investment of launching a restaurant

Open quickly

We shorten the time it takes to open a restaurant from months to just a few days

Agile Delivery

We increase the efficiency of delivery operations while increasing the size of the potential market

Minimal staff

We improve processes that allow you to hire personnel that are only directly linked to food production

Start cooking

Worry-free Kitchens

Data-Driven locations

We look for top areas by analyzing big-data from the restaurant delivery industry 

Real Estate

We search for the ideal properties in space, cost and accessibility

Work Management

We supervise the remodeling and construction of the spaces


We obtain permits from the health, hygiene and construction departments


We provide the logistical and technological infrastructure to guarantee the customer an excellent ordering experience

All you need to do is cook. We'll take care of the rest

Ready for 21st-Century Chefs

Building High-tech Facilities

Key Features


variable, 20-80 square metres


2 different access, for inbound and outbound logistics


kitchen spaces precisely configured for fast operations


extractor hoods and pipes for ventilation

Air conditioning

secondary air, air conditioning (cold and hot) via dedicated pump


reliable and dedicated waste management techniques optimized for delivery


state of the art water filtration system 


dedicated internet to increase accepting times and process large order volumes


Processes and workflows designed to enhance the efficiency of delivery agents

Delivery 2.0

tap into the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry

Home delivery is the sales channel for restaurants with the highest growth rate in recent years: A growth rate of 85% YoY and more than 50 million deliveries per year.

Consumers have evolved to be more responsive and demanding. They look for the same quality and variety in their home or office as in a high-end restaurant.

keys to successful deliveries

There are two key factors that determine the financial success of the online restaurant channel.

Factor 1

to the customers

Factor 2

of operations

The Equation


The total time for the customer to receive their order depends on these 4 components

Acceptance Time
<2 minutes

Preparation Time
<15 minutes

driver pick up time
<5 minutes

delivery to customer time
<35 minutes

The Star kitchens benefit

Reducing the total delivery time to the maximum means:

Increase the scope of delivery and therefore the potential market
Ensure the quality and temperature of food

Everything you need

Are you looking for?

Easy setup

Reduce the workload of opening a restaurant. We provide everything you need


Test new ideas and menus with agility and minimal investment


Increase operational efficiency and improve your margins


Grow in new geographical areas and reach customers you previously couldn’t

New Markets

Capture existing demand from customers who want their food delivered

Happier Customers

Establish an online sales channel without affecting the quality of service or customer experience

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