Orda Pulse 2023
The Food Trend Tracker

Welcome to Orda Pulse. Our annual report for insightful and up-to-date data on Africa’s restaurant industry. In this report, we delve into the heart of Lagos Nigeria’s food trends, uncovering the most popular dishes, culinary preferences, and growth patterns in the restaurant industry.

Powered by Orda’s comprehensive restaurant management system, we bring you exclusive access to real-time statistics and analyses. Whether you’re a restaurateur, food enthusiast, or market analyst, Orda Pulse is your essential resource for the latest in African food economy.

Data Note: The information in the charts below is from October 2023, sourced from various restaurant types, including high-end establishments and local bukkas, across Lagos’s 20 local government areas in Nigeria. To enhance clarity, some data has been compiled and refined for better insight.

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Most Popular Menu Items


Most Popular Drink Brands

What do people like to drink?
Soft Drinks
403k Orders
Alcoholic beverages
313k Orders
160k Orders

Note: Our information is based on how accurately menu items are named by vendors. We didn’t count generic names like “Coke”, “Yoghurt”, or “Water”. The popularity of specific brands is more pronounced in the beverage category due to consumer preferences for particular brands, as opposed to staple foods like rice, where brand preferences are less distinct or a choice is not given to the consumer.

Food Groups

What types of food do people order?

In Nigeria, the food ordering trends on Orda reveal a strong preference for proteins and grains, with the majority of orders for proteins and grains and cereals, highlighting the prominence of meat and staple foods in the local diet. Beverages and vegetables also show significant popularity. In contrast, there’s a notably lower demand for legumes, nuts, sweets, and fruits, indicating either occasional consumption or different purchasing habits for these items.

Restaurant Peak Times

When do people eat?
Peak Ordering Time
2nd Peak

In Nigeria, people tend to order food from restaurants from noon, peaking at 7PM, suggesting that late afternoons and evenings are the most popular times for placing orders. Although delivery orders are the least among the three methods, there is an observable increase in delivery orders during the lunch hours (around 1:00 PM) and in the evening, indicating key times when delivery services are in demand.

Payment Methods

How do people pay?

Digital Transactions (which include transfers, USSD, cards, etc…) is the preferred method of payment in Nigeria, accounting for 65% of all payments, while cash payments make up the remaining 35%. This indicates a significant inclination towards the convenience and safety of digital methods in the ordering process.

Important Note: Restaurants who do not use Orda see a significantly higher proportion of cash as the preferred payment method.

Order Fulfillment

Where do people eat?

Dine-in and takeaway accounts for more than 90% of restaurant sales, indicating a strong preference for eating at the restaurant.

Average price of a meal

How much is a meal?
October 2023
On average
October 2022
On average

Despite a weakening currency and rising inflation, the price of a meal for restaurants using Orda barely moved from October 2022 to October 2023. The average price of a meal only increased by approximately 1.36%, reflecting a modest rise in meal costs over the year.

Important Note: This average includes a wide range of restaurant types (e.g high-end restaurants, bukkas etc) across all 20 LGA in Lagos.