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Orda Chop is a unified solution for payment processing and order management. This easy-to-use tool enables your restaurant to handle payments and manage orders efficiently. Its user-friendly interface and reliable features expedite customer service, providing a seamless experience. Key features include:

Quick customer service

By utilizing Orda Chop, your restaurant can reduce wait time and improve customer satisfaction. With built-in point-of-sale and payment processing, your staff can quickly process transactions and manage orders without any delays.

Secure and Dedicated Device

Orda Chop is equipped with data and is designed specifically for processing payments and orders. This ensures your staff cannot use the device for other activities, reducing distractions and potential security risks.

Reduced Reconciliation Time

Orda Chop simplifies your daily reconciliation process. By using one device for payment and orders, you can easily track and manage your financial records on the backend. This helps you save time, streamline operations and reduce errors.


With Orda Chop, you can reduce the risk of theft in your restaurant. By consolidating payment processing and order management into a single device, you can improve accountability and monitor transactions more efficiently.

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