Hilda Baci Makes History: Orda User Shatters World Record in Spectacular Fashion

The time is 4pm Thursday the 11th of May, 2023 – Hilda Baci chef extraordinaire embarks on beating the Guinness world record of the longest cooking time by an individual previously recorded at 88 hrs by Indian chef, Lata Tondon in 2019. 

Chef Hilda shifted from Nigeria’s sweetheart chef to a national hero and international phenomenon as she broke the world record by a whopping 12 hours more, becoming the new record holder at 100 hours on Monday the 15th of May at 5pm .

Hilda’s restaurant, myfoodbyhilda is proudly powered by Orda! With the power of Orda she is able to harness her culinary skills into an incredible restaurant that processes 800 orders a day on average, no doubt this will skyrocket after her world breaking record! Even better, with Orda, Hilda can track the impact of this world breaking record on her sales.

See pictures below as the team at Orda showed up to support our sar Chef Hilda! Hilda, from the whole team at orda we couldn’t be prouder! A big congratulations to you!

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